The Most Basic Conditions For Pharmaceutical Intermediates Are Still Restricting Development-

- Aug 05, 2019-

In recent years, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical intermediate industry has caused many investors to covet the enterprises that produce pharmaceutical intermediate bulk drugs all over the country, but they have sprung up at the same speed and are eliminated at a similar speed. Many technicians engaged in the development of pharmaceutical intermediate products. They have also intervened in the industry in various forms, but they have returned to the industry with the closure of the corresponding enterprises. It seems that the development of the industry has been like the ebb and flow of the losers. The rush of the losers has been one of the many losers. The reason why many human and financial resources involved in the industry are so “coming and rushing” is that the industry has developed to meet new bottlenecks, mainly because it is the most basic but often forgotten by many “gold digger”. The conditions are not met and are constrained. The following are some of the prerequisites for the success of the pharmaceutical intermediates that the author believes.

Sun Zi's Art of War: Ten of the five quarters of the attack are divided into the enemy, but the enemy can fight less, but can escape. If you can avoid the mall, the battlefield in the current situation, there is no 10 million funds in the pharmaceutical intermediates. There is no chance of survival in the industry. Although the capital is the core problem of the same market, the market competition in the industry has developed to such a fierce degree that it should not be given to the new enterprises.