Technical Requirements For Pharmaceutical Intermediate Manufacturers

- Aug 04, 2019-

The technical requirements for products in this industry are very strict and are in constant development. Therefore, companies that require the production of pharmaceutical intermediates have strong technical strength and the trend of product line extension has become increasingly clear. How to meet the new trials from upstream companies Product requirements are already a technical problem in front of pharmaceutical intermediates

How to effectively solve this problem is precisely the focus of the company's future development. It only relies on the method of “digging the wall” to steal technology from other companies. It can only solve the short-term urgency rather than the long-term solution. The right way is the vicissitudes of the thief. only?

With the capital, technology can produce products, but only when the products are sold out and the funds are recovered in time can be re-produced. Because of the close relationship between the pharmaceutical intermediate industry and the pharmaceutical industry, the sales of the products are also very delicate suppliers. The competition has been transformed into the competition of comprehensive strength among enterprises. The specific contents include: intuitive factory appearance, production workshop and laboratory equipment, product packaging and quality, including technical strength, after-sales service, corporate culture, and so on. One of the indispensable conditions

When everything is ready, what remains is the problem of "people". The current pharmaceutical intermediate enterprises generally have a problem in employing people. In order to maintain the long-term development of the enterprise, it is necessary to use a combination of self-cultivating talents and introducing talents to use wages to reward stock options, etc. A variety of economic means to link the long-term interests of employees, especially key employees, with the benefits of enterprises to form a certain cohesive force and centripetal force