Prospects For The Development Of Chinese APIs

- Aug 13, 2019-

First, the global pharmaceutical market is expected to maintain an increase of more than 8% in 2014. The emerging pharmaceutical market is likely to maintain a larger growth rate, and the international and domestic market demand for APIs will continue to grow.

Secondly, many of China's raw material drug varieties have a high market share in the international market, and the scale advantage is obvious, and other countries cannot replace it in the short term.

Third, although the prices of Chinese APIs have risen sharply due to multiple factors, these rising factors are rigid. In 2013, it is unlikely to fall sharply and affect the total export volume of Chinese APIs. From the import situation of APIs in 2012, the average price has increased by 28.21%. Under the circumstances that the global price of APIs has generally increased, the comparative advantage of China's API prices still exists.

Fourth, Chinese companies will avoid the competition for homogenization, the development of specialty APIs, and the fact that many companies are targeting developed markets, actively adopting high-end market certification and continuously improving the quality of export products, and will expand the export space of Chinese APIs.

Fifth, the continuous encouragement and implementation of export policies by the state will also play an important role in promoting the export growth of APIs.