NAD Anti-Aging

- Jan 08, 2020-

Everyone is getting older. Few are happy about it.


A message from Elysium health showed a glimmer of light: their team worked with Leonard Guarente (62), a professor of biology at MIT, to develop a compound that can extend the lives of mice and worms. However, it is very difficult to use enough experimental data to prove that it also works on humans, because it takes at least several decades or even longer to do experiments on humans. Without human experiments, FDA will not approve the listing. Professor Guarente hopes to find another way to package the compound into vitamin tablets and present it in the form of health products.


Professor Guarente once participated in the research and development of resveratrol in Sirtris pharmaceuticals, a well-known biological company. Resveratrol is an anti-aging compound in red wine, which may prolong the life of diabetic patients. This company was later acquired by GSK, but unfortunately the preclinical experiment of the drug failed. So this time, Guarente would like to make the compound into a health care product, put it on the market as soon as possible, and do a good job in customer follow-up and post market evaluation.


So, what is such a "God" product?


This compound is actually the precursor of adenine nicotinamide (NAD), nicotinamide ribose, which can be converted into NAD after entering the body. As we all know, nad is an electronic carrier of energy metabolism, such as glucose metabolism, which takes part in various metabolic activities of cells. In addition, nad is also a key factor for the longevity protein sirtuins to perform their functions. There is evidence that the content of NAD in human body continues to decline with the increase of age. Scientists also found that reducing the amount of food given to experimental mice, known as "calorie control", can significantly prolong the life of mice, which is closely related to the longevity protein sirtuins. A compound called pterostilbene, an antioxidant that activates the longevity protein sirtuins, was added to the product. Elysium Health said that when they administered the tablet to mice, the response was similar to that of mice who ate less, with both groups living longer. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn't buy into the idea that NAD or its analogues can prolong life.


Elysium Health said it will enrich the product line in the future, enabling compounds that can extend the life of mice, worms or other animals instead of going through the FDA's cumbersome drug approval process. But they will use enough experiments to prove the safety of these compounds to ensure that there are no side effects. They also said that the production process of the product will strictly follow the pharmaceutical production quality management specifications, and the general public can purchase through their official website. The dosage for 30 days is only $60, and the price will be preferential if the purchase continues.


According to industry analysis, the anti-aging market currently has a share of 30 billion US dollars, and will grow by 7% every year in the future, and the online trading share may rise even more sharply. Elysium health is aiming at this big cake, seizing the market with the fastest speed, and taking the "big up" route. According to them, it has won the favor of many well-known investors and hired several Nobel Prize winners as consultants. Even the 85 year old professor of Harvard University has been taking their product. Guarente himself also said that he is taking the product continuously and has become a routine of his daily diet.


Some experts questioned that "although it is a established fact that NAD will decrease with age, there is no direct evidence that the content of NAD in the body of the recovery machine or the increase of NAD will have an impact on natural aging. It is really exciting to hear the news of this product, but we still hope to see rigorous and convincing data!"(From,compiled by