China's Original New Drug For Treating Alzheimer's Disease Is Officially On The Market

- Dec 31, 2019-

On December 29, the Shanghai institute of pharmaceutical research of the Chinese academy of sciences held the global strategy launch event of the ninth phase I (mannose sodium capsule) in Beijing. China's original new drug for alzheimer's disease, phase 971 (mannose sodium capsule, code: GV-971), has been officially launched in China. Patients can be on the doctor's prescription, in the major professional pharmacy (DTP pharmacy) to buy.



Public information shows that on November 2, 2019, the state drug administration had the conditions to approve the listing of phase 971 as a national class I new drug, "for mild to moderate alzheimer's disease, to improve patients' cognitive function".


Yang baofeng, vice President of the Chinese medical association and an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, pointed out at the conference that alzheimer's disease is still a difficult problem in world medicine.