Uridine 5'-monophosphate(UMP-H) CAS 58-97-9

Uridine 5'-monophosphate(UMP-H) CAS 58-97-9

CAS NO: 58-97-9
Molecular Formula: C9H13N2O9P
Molecular Weight: 324.181
EINECS NO: 200-408-0
MDL NO: MFCD00067346
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Product Details

Product Description:

Product Name: Uridine 5'-monophosphate(UMP-H) CAS NO: 58-97-9



5‘-Uridylic acid;

Uridine-5'-monophosphate, free acid;


Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance : White to light yellow powder

Assay : ≥98.0%


Boiling point:700.1℃ at 760mmHg

Melting point:202℃

Flash point:377.2℃

Water Solubility: H2O: soluble50mg/mL, clear, colorless.



Uridine monophosphate (UMP), also known as 5′-uridylic acid (conjugate base uridylate), is a nucleotide that is used as a monomer in RNA. It is an ester of phosphoric acid with the nucleoside uridine. UMP consists of the phosphate group, the pentose sugar ribose, and the nucleobase uracil; hence, it is a ribonucleoside monophosphate. As a substituent or radical its name takes the form of the prefix uridylyl-. The deoxy form is abbreviated dUMP.


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