Polyinosinic Acid (Poly I) CAS 30918-54-8

Polyinosinic Acid (Poly I) CAS 30918-54-8

CAS NO: 30918-54-8
Molecular Formula: C10H13N4O8P
Molecular Weight: 348.20
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Product Details

Product Description:

Product Name: Polyinosinic acid (Poly I) CAS NO:30918-54-8




5'-Inosinic acid polymers;

Poly[I] potassium salt;


Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance: white to off-white powder

Assay : ≥90.0%

Density: 2.31g/cm3

Boiling point:851.4℃ at 760mmHg

Flash Point:468.7℃


Polyinosinic acid is a synthetic nucleotide dimer, a highly effective interferon inducer; it has anti-virus, anti-tumor, enhance lymphocyte immune function and inhibit nucleic acid metabolism And other pharmacological effects; under certain conditions, it can form polyinosic cell according to the base-pairing principle with polycytidylic acid. Polyinosic acid is a high-efficiency interferon inducer. It is mainly used for the treatment of herpes simplex keratitis, herpes zoster, and herpes. Stomatitis, etc., have good effects on hepatitis B, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, viral influenza, flat warts and other viruses; at the same time, it is also effective in the treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer and gynecological cancer.


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