Lithium Aluminium Deuteride CAS 14128-54-2

Lithium Aluminium Deuteride CAS 14128-54-2

CAS NO: 14128-54-2
Molecular Formula: AlD4Li
Molecular Weight: 41.98
EINECS NO: 237-980-6
MDL NO: MFCD00044245
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Product Details

Product Description:

Product Name: lithium aluminium deuteride CAS NO:14128-54-2





Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance : Off-white powder

Assay : 98 atom % D


Melting Point:125℃(lit.)



Lithium aluminium hydride, commonly abbreviated to LAH, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula LiAlH4. It was discovered by Finholt, Bond and Schlesinger in 1947. This compound is used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis, especially for the reduction of esters, carboxylic acids, and amides. The solid is dangerously reactive toward water, releasing gaseous hydrogen (H2). Some related derivatives have been discussed for hydrogen storage.


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