Glycine CAS 56-40-6

Glycine CAS 56-40-6

CAS NO: 56-40-6
Molecular Formula: C2H5NO2
Molecular Weight: 75.066
EINECS NO: 200-272-2
MDL NO: MFCD00008131
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Product Details

Product Description:

Product Name: Glycine CAS NO: 56-40-6




Aminoacetic acid;


Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance: White to off-white powder

Assay :≥99.0%

Density:1.6 g/cm3

Boiling Point:233℃ at 760 mmHg

Flash Point:145℃

Melting Point:182℃

Water Solubility: 25g/100ML (25℃)



Glycine is the simplest one of the 20 members of the amino acid series. It is also called aminoacetic acid. It is an amino acid that is not essential to the human body. It has both acidic and basic functional groups in the molecule. It is a strong electrolyte in aqueous solution and has strong polarity. It has high solubility in solvents and is basically insoluble in non-polar solvents, and has a relatively high boiling point and melting point. Glycine can present different molecular forms by adjusting the pH of the aqueous solution. The side bond of glycine is a hydrogen atom. Since its alpha carbon also has a hydrogen atom, glycine is not optically isomeric. As the side bonds of glycine are very small, it can occupy space that other amino acids cannot occupy, such as amino acids in the collagen helix. It is white crystal or light yellow crystalline powder at room temperature. It has a unique sweet taste, which can alleviate the acid and alkali taste, mask the bitter taste of added saccharin and enhance the sweet taste. If the human body consumes too much glycine, not only can it not be absorbed and utilized by the body, but it will also break the body's absorption balance of amino acids and affect the absorption of other amino acids, leading to nutritional imbalance and affecting health.


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