Fluticasone CAS 90566-53-3

Fluticasone CAS 90566-53-3

CAS NO: 90566-53-3
Molecular Formula: C25H31F3O5S
Molecular Weight: 500.571
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Product Description:

Product Name: Fluticasone CAS NO: 90566-53-3



S-(fluoromethyl) (6S,8S,9R,10S,11S,13S,14S,16R,17R)-6,9-difluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-10,13,16-trimethyl-3-oxo-6,7,8,11,12,14,15,16-octahydrocyclopenta[a]phenanthrene-17-carbothioate;


Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Assay :≥98.0%


Melting Point:237-279℃

Boiling Point:553.2℃ at 760 mmHg

Flash Point:288.4℃


Fluticasone is a synthetic trifluorinated glucocorticoid receptor agonist with antiallergic, antiinflammatory and antipruritic effects. Fluticasone binds and activates glucocorticoid receptor, resulting in the activation of lipocortin. Lipocortin, in turn, inhibits cytosolic phospholipase A2, which triggers a cascade of reactions involved in the synthesis of inflammatory mediators, such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Secondly, mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) phosphatase 1 is induced, thereby leads to dephosphorylation and inactivation of Jun N-terminal kinase directly inhibiting c-Jun mediated transcription. Finally, transcriptional activity of nuclear factor (NF)-kappa-B is blocked, thereby inhibits the transcription of cyclooxygenase 2, which is essential for prostaglandin production.


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