Avobenzone CAS 70356-09-1

Avobenzone CAS 70356-09-1

CAS NO: 70356-09-1
Molecular Formula: C20H22O3
Molecular Weight: 310.387
EINECS NO: 274-581-6
MDL NO: MFCD22421631
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Product Details

Product Description:

Product Name: Avobenzone CAS NO:70356-09-1





Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance: White powder

Assay :≥99.0%


Boiling Point:463.6℃ at 760 mmHg

Flash Point:203.1℃

Melting point:81-84℃


Avobezone is a synthetic ultraviolet absorber. It is a good UV-A (>320nm) type ultraviolet absorber, which can block the full band (320~400nm) of UVA, and is an efficient broad spectrum Oil-soluble UVA filter, compounded with other UVB sunscreens, can provide all UVA and UVB protection, used to prevent photo-induced skin cancer.

Avobenzone (trade names Parsol 1789, Milestab 1789, Eusolex 9020, Escalol 517, Neo Heliopan 357 and others, INCI Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) is an oil-soluble ingredient used in sunscreen products to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays. It is a dibenzoylmethane derivative. Avobenzone exists in the ground state as a mixture of the enol and keto forms, favoring the chelated enol. This enol form is stabilized by intramolecular hydrogen-bonding within the β-diketone. Its ability to absorb ultraviolet light over a wider range of wavelengths than many other sunscreen agents has led to its use in many commercial preparations marketed as "broad spectrum" sunscreens. Avobenzone has an absorption maximum of 357nm.


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